Wamsterdam Farms proudly grows some of the best cannabis in Washington state. We employ a wide array of modern technology combined and eco-friendly procedures that combine the best in plant production and respect for the land we work.

Below are some details about the way our products are grown.

Wamsterdam Products
Growing Mediums

The plants in Wamsterdam are grown directly in our natural, native Yakima Valley soil. Aided by beneficial microbes and organic amendments, our soil is rigorously tested to ensure we have a zen-like balance of nutrients and active beneficial microorganisms.


Watermelon Gushers, Blue Runtz, Blue Frost, Molten Melon, Purple Punch, Strawberries & Cream, Rainbow Belts, Kiwi Sherbet, Strawnana Headstash, Wifi Alien, Lemonessence, Magic Melon, Gelato 45 x Dosidos

Grow Location Wamsterdam Farms - Grandview, WA
Harvest Dates
Washington State approved pesticides

Azadirect (Neem Oil), Tritek (Mineral Oil)